Mark Alexander took up drums in elementary school. He spent many college summers with the US Forest Service River Patrol in Idaho. Eventually, Mark wedded the two into a portable drum kit providing percussion for our riverside-camp music.
Jay Vee attended some of Mark’s river trips. When he found himself unemployed in San Luis Obispo (SLO), CA he meditated on Mark’s river drum kit and began to tinker. Howard Emmons operated Drum Circuit in SLO and is a tinkerer’s facilitator. Thus, the HIT KIT.
About JV
I, Jay Vee, am HIT KIT (not, I hope, America’s last 1-person enterprise). I buy rolling suitcases, line the interior for rough travel, attach my custom-designed pedal bracket, fabricate the snare drums from available shells, and set you up with rhythm that rolls.


Yes. The foam lining is improved; tidier and secure. Subsequently, both kits come in same size suitcase (the smaller, 24″ case). Each kit has 3 external brackets to receive z-rods for snare, cymbal, whatever.

So far, black, red, orange, yellow, green, and gold. I get a price discount for accepting whatever colors are at hand from my luggage guy. In turn, HIT KIT customers share in the savings by accepting whatever color I have in-stock to send. Love the one you’re with.

It’s not Toledo but it’s pretty nice.

$400 for a complete drum kit; kick, snare, hi-hat, seat, AND sticks. The whole thing fits on a motorcycle or a public bus. You can store it under your bed or in the trunk of your car. It rolls like a jolly-dolly. And when you are behind it, you will look like $500.