A Complete Drum Kit in a Rolling Suitcase.

The HIT KIT Drum Co. formed to facilitate music-making anytime, anywhere, by anyone.

This is a complete drum kit - kick, snare, hi-hat (w/ cymbals), seat, sticks - in a rolling suitcase.

The rolling suitcase serves as the kick drum and holds the other components; pedal, snare drum, hi-hat, hardware, seat, and sticks.

The HIT KIT is not an invention, it is a revolution in compromise.

The HIT KIT travels easily, plays naturally, sounds good, and looks cool.

Many drummers piece together porta-kits for busking, travel, and rehearsal convenience. The HIT KIT is exactly that, optimized.

The HIT KIT is for teenage drummers who need an affordable, playable, good sounding kit they can transport themselves by foot, bus, or skateboard, from home to a friend’s garage, to school, to a park, and back home.

The HIT KIT is an oxymoron; a portable drum set.

The HIT KIT is a trap-set without the trappings of size, weight, and complexity that sometimes hinder and, worse, sometimes prevent the musical contributions only a drum kit can provide.

Young people with a passion for music and percussion need the HIT KIT to sound good, play naturally (ergonomics), pack tight, and travel easily.

Band-leaders can keep a HIT KIT in a closet or under the bed and have an authentic drum kit at-hand for rehearsals and jams without the hassle of loading-in.

Compact for busking, rehearsals, jams, coffee-house gigs, house-parties.

I equip new suitcases with interior lining for rough travel, attach my custom-designed pedal bracket, fabricate the snare drum with ring-grade shells, and set you up with rhythm that rolls with you.

This is a package drum kit; exquisitely compact, exceptionally portable, with authentic feel and sound.

Additional mounting brackets (included) let you set-up and expand your KIT to your preferences.

The HIT KIT adds rhythm, not clutter. It stores in a closet, under the bed, or in the trunk of your car.

Good sound. Natural feel. Compact and rugged. The HIT KIT is the most portable complete drum kit possible.

Mature drummers can reserve their full-size drum kit for formal sessions. Roll in a HIT KIT for rehearsals. Keep a KIT in the car-trunk and always have a viable option at-the-ready.

Compact, complete, cool. When you host a musical event - rehearsal, jam, intimate performance - you face the dilemma of the drums.

Invite the drummer, not his/her drums. No damage to your walls, bombast governor, convenient for the drummer.

Drummers beat all. Some drummers beat everything, all in one kit. Enormous. Wonderful. A lot to manage. Sometimes less is good; casual rehearsals, jams, coffee-house gigs.
Transport the HIT KIT by bus or skateboard to school, a garage, the park.

Keep a HIT KIT in the trunk of your car for the unexpected opportunity. A complete drum set - kick (good thump), snare (8”), high-hat (w/ 10” cymbals), seat, and sticks.
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