Make music anytime, anywhere with the HIT KIT. This all-in-one kit plays and sounds like a full drum set, but travels easily for busking, rehearsals, gigs, and parties. Perfect for musicians of all ages and experience levels!

This is a complete drum kit - kick, snare, hi-hat (w/ cymbals), seat, sticks-in a rolling suitcase.

The rolling suitcase serves as the kick drum and holds the other components; pedal, snare drum, hi-hat, hardware, seat, and sticks.

The HIT KIT is not an invention, it is a revolution in compromise.


The HIT KIT Drum Co. formed to facilitate music-making anytime, anywhere, by anyone.

Check out some of the amazing features that this KIT includes!

The HIT KIT Story

Founded in 2018, HIT KIT Drum Co. offers the most portable, complete drum kit on the market. Store the HIT KIT in a closet, under the bed, or in the trunk of your car. Portable. Authentic. Affordable. The HIT KIT is rhythm that goes anywhere!

Our story starts several decades ago on the river banks of Idaho. Founder Jay Vee and friends floated Idaho’s rivers for many years. Together they swam, relaxed, and played music.Guitars were easy to bring along, but they needed rhythm. So Jay Vee’s friend, Mark, assembled the makings of a portable drum kit.


The HIT KIT is an oxymoron; a portable drum set.

The HIT KIT is a trap-set without the trappings of size, weight, and complexity that sometimes hinder and, worse, sometimes prevent the musical contributions only a drum kit can provide.

Young people with a passion for music and percussion need the HIT KIT to sound good, play naturally (ergonomics), pack tight, and travel easily.

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